Her support throughout the process was an undeniable reason for success

Tiny Snoozer was the best thing that has happened to our life after the birth of my daughter! I had months of sleepless nights and so did she! I was sleep-deprived and tired and basically the whole family didn't function because of that!


Until we finally looked for a solution and that's how we came across Tiny Snoozers. Maggie was understanding, caring and reasonable. She gave me instructions and explained to me step by step how to follow them. Her support throughout the process was an undeniable reason for success.

Now, after two weeks my seven-months-old daughter sleeps throughout the night with no night waking and takes two naps daily!

It was just like a miracle and I know it's hard to believe when you're in that situation that something might actually work; but it did and my daughter slept a whole night on night ONE!! We all get to live a healthy life again! Thank you Tiny Snoozers!

Goli A, Mississauga ON

From beginning to end, Maggie was informative, supportive, and most importantly, readily available to answer any question

Through her coaching, our family, including our little snoozer, is so much happier and rested. Our daughter wasn't necessarily fussy before sleep training, but now that she sleeps through the night, in addition to a good nap during the day, she is even more energetic and playful.


We even see that her development is progressing much faster than before, and we know it's associated with having a good night's sleep. We can not be happier with Maggie, her program, and the results.


Thank you Maggie!

Sarah M, Calgary AB

Tiny Snoozers changed my life, and it's been amazing!

I had been co-sleeping with our baby since the day he was born. It worked really well at first, but the whole experience slowly started going downhill as he got bigger, more active, and more mobile. My husband was eventually relegated to the spare room and my bed became a trap.


Once Benjamin had fallen asleep at night, I was stuck there until morning - no washroom breaks! We couldn't even swap out because he would wake up and fuss for the breast if I left the bed, so I ended up resigning myself to get into bed at 830 and watch TV until I was tired enough to fall asleep.


As for naps, not only did I have to nurse him to sleep, but I would often have to pretend to be sleeping myself in order for him to successfully drift off, which often resulted in my falling asleep when I wasn't tired, causing grogginess for the rest of the day.

These sleep patterns and habits started wreaking havoc on me physically and emotionally, so when I came across Maggie's services I jumped at the opportunity to try it. We had read books and discussed the idea of sleep training, but were not sure exactly how to go about it, or whether we would follow through on a chosen method. This is where Maggie's help was invaluable - she was a wealth of practical advice and information, and our regular communication helped us remain consistent in the plan designed for us.

On the first night, Benjamin slept for 12 hours straight in his crib, and things just got better from there. I hadn't even realised how challenging things had become until a change was made. Benjamin now has an increased appetite for solid food, and has also shown a great deal of improvement in playing independently, along with a decrease in his aversion to car rides!


I firmly believe this is all related to his newly learned sleep skills, and the higher quality of sleep that he has been getting. As for myself and my husband, it's great to have our evenings free and our bed back, which has also resulted in huge emotional benefits. I would recommend Maggie to anyone who is struggling with sleep - it is worth it in so many ways!

Leann N, Calgary AB

Maggie worked with us in a very respectful way and made herself available to us when we needed her

We stumbled across Maggie, with Tiny Snoozers, at the perfect time and she was a lifesaver! Our almost 7 month old son was a terrible sleeper, still nursing up to 4 times a night and needing frequent resettling. His napping was even worse, fighting us to get asleep, for sometimes up to an hour, then only napping for 30 minutes. We were so sleep deprived and it was also affecting our daughter, who was not yet 2 herself.


Maggie worked with us in a very respectful way and made herself available to us when we needed her. Her personalized plan for our son worked amazingly and we saw progress within only a couple days. Our son slept through the night on night three!!! And his naps started lengthening very shortly after. He has even had some 3 hour naps now!


The change has been incredible and we could not have done it without Tiny Snoozers and Maggie's on the spot trouble shooting and support!

Alicia B, Calgary AB

TINY SNOOZERS was a lifesaver.

My husband and I consulted with Maggie to come up with a sleep training plan customized to my son's needs. I found her recommendations to be such a sweet balance between letting my son learn to soothe himself and me stepping in when he needs more help.


We started sleep training him at 6 weeks old because I was experiencing low grade PPD and want to be proactive about teaching my son to sleep at night so I can get much needed rest. I can honestly say the help of the sleep consultant has been a life saver. My son is now 6 months old, sleeps in his own crib since 2 Months old, sleeps on his own after his bed time routine, wakes up maybe once or twice a night to eat (he's a hungry baby boy........)


I am a believer in getting the help of a sleep specialist to set a customized routine for your baby as every baby's needs and personalalites are different. There is no cut and dry approach for all babies and it's good to get recommendations specifically designed to meet your baby's needs.


TINY SNOOZERS was a lifesaver. Thanks so much Maggie!! 

Abigail O, Surrey BC

He is also a happy, energetic and fun baby now!

Before my husband and I decided to use Maggie's services, our son was miserable and up every 1.5 hours. He would not fall asleep without us rocking and feeding him, and  each time he woke up he needed rocking and feeding to put him back to sleep. He was miserable from being so tired. It was exhausting and taking a huge toll on our family.


After going through the sleep plan that Maggie created for my son, he now falls asleep on his own and stays asleep throughout the night. He is also a happy, energetic and fun baby now!


Our lives completely changed and we cannot thank Maggie enough!

Todd & Tara, Calgary AB


Our little guy was about 4.5 months when we decided to work with Maggie. It has been LIFE CHANGING! Yes, LIFE CHANGING.


Before talking with Maggie. Our little guy was rocked to sleep, nursed to sleep, put him in our bed whatever we could do to get him to sleep. He was up multiple times through the night. He then would have to be nursed or rocked back to sleep. Only to wake up again and again. My husband and I were at our breaking point and SO sleep deprived.


It only took 2 nights until our little guy was sleeping through the night (12 hours!!). He was able to put himself to sleep with no prop or intervention. We never felt uncomfortable at all with Maggie’s plan for our little guy. In less than 2 weeks we were able to put our little guy down to sleep, leave the room and know he would go to sleep.

My husband and I are now able to have more free time and more time together once the baby goes to sleep. We are able to enjoy each other again, watch movies, go out for the evening, etc- knowing our little guy will sleep. Not to mention he is such a HAPPIER baby ! We are now the happy family I have always dreamed of :) I am already recommending this program to anyone I know with a non sleeping baby !


Thank you again Maggie !!

Cynthia D, Utica NY

Contacting Maggie and working this program was the best money we've ever spent!

Before we contacted Maggie I was co sleeping with my 5 month old for bedtime and naps and I felt like I didn't have any time to myself. My husband was also sleeping in the spare room as we were both to nervous to have him in bed as well.


After the 2 week program Maggie made for us Penny was sleeping in her crib for bedtime and naps, and sleeping through the night! No more night time feeds! I feel like a normal person again because I have time to myself now during the day when she naps, and my husband and I have time to ourselves in the evening after she goes to bed. Contacting Maggie and working this program was the best money we've ever spent!

Amy W, Calgary AB

I decided to seek expert help with my third child

I decided to seek expert help with my third child.  it took the first two, what seemed like forever, to learn how to fall asleep without any sleep aids.


Maggie has been a great source of advice and encouragement. She knows what works and what doesn’t, but still listened to my concerns and worked with how I felt my baby would manage during sleep training.


It was never a one size fits all, but she works with each person individually!  I would recommend Maggie and her expertise to anyone.

Rowena S, Calgary AB

The sleep sense program gave us confidence and a system to work with

As first time parents we had read so many different approaches to sleep training that we were feeling over whelmed and constantly second guessing ourselves. The sleep sense program gave us confidence and a system to work with. Maggie was very supportive and available. She helped us to get established without having to second guess ourselves.


Our baby girl is now only waking for feeds at night and naps well during the day. Putting her down is not a challenge but a joy and takes no time at all. The best part is that we now know how to react to any interruption to her sleep routine. Thanks Maggie

Vicki T, Nanaimo BC

I wish I had done this sooner

I wish I had done this sooner. I started with my baby at 5 months after a month of waking up in the middle of the night due to sleep regression.


The plan worked amazingly. After one night of crying he slept through the night. I truly wish I called Maggie a month ago. Our lives are so much better now.

Ariel G, Toronto ON

We are so glad we contacted Tiny Snoozers!

We are so glad we contacted Tiny Snoozers! Our 14 month old son had been sleeping well in the night but waking up very early and we couldn't figure out how to get him to consistently sleep past 6:00am.


With Maggie's help and guidance we were able to determine the best time for our son to be in bed and how to help him get back to sleep if he ever did wake up early. We are so thankful for Maggie's knowledge and the time she devoted to us! We now have much happier mornings in our home thanks to Tiny Snoozers.

Crystal G, Calgary AB

I don't fear bedtime anymore

I contacted Maggie when my son Sawyer was 5 months old. I was in a state of serious sleep deprivation as I hadn't slept a full night since he was born! 


I knew having a baby would be a challenge and a joy, but at this point the emphasis was on challenge!  I was going crazy without any time to myself as Sawyer would only nap on my lap. I was waking up 3-4 times a night to nurse, and I dreaded bed time and nap times every day. My husband and I had resorted to sleeping in different rooms because of co-sleeping, and I had to put my mattress on the floor because I was afraid Sawyer would roll off our bed! 

My husband and I were very confused about sleep training because of all the conflicting information from the internet and other parents. Maggie was such a huge help and encouragement because she understood what it was like to be a new mom trying to figure this out on minimal sleep! She told me that yes, it could be possible after training to put my baby in the crib and then walk away and he would go to sleep. It sounded like a fantasy to me at the time! 

Maggie gave me a clear, ten day plan to follow, and constant encouragement and advice while I followed the plan. Sawyer of course didn't like the change at first and protested against it quite loudly, which was hard for me. I kept at the training though, knowing that we all desperately needed our sleep! 


Now Sawyer sleeps 11-12 hrs at night and over an hour for most of his naps! It's amazing the difference this has made in our lives!! I don't fear bedtime anymore and I really enjoy our calming, bonding routine. I used to think that having a routine with a baby was boring, but the predictability and having a happy baby actually brings more freedom and enjoyment! I get my "me" time when he's napping, and my husband and I can spend the evening together-and even get a sitter and go out! 


I recommend Maggie to every parent who tells me their baby is keeping them up at night. Now that we are all sleeping, the emphasis in being a parent is on joy!

Jessica M, Calgary AB

Maggie has helped us a ton with our son's sleep issues

Maggie has helped us a ton with our son’s sleep issues. He now sleeps in his crib in his own room for the whole night, he can get himself to sleep with just minimal assistance from us and only wakes up to feed. She has also taught us so much about naps and given us the tools to help him maintain a schedule so we can ensure he is getting the day sleep he needs. If anyone is struggling with their baby’s sleep I would not hesitate to recommend Maggie or the Sleep Sense program

Amy S, Calgary AB

Tiny Snoozers fell into my lap at the perfect time

Tiny Snoozers fell into my lap at the perfect time. My husband and I were at the end of our ropes with our 4 month old son waking every hour and a half each night. He went from sleeping fairly well at night, waking once, sometimes twice to feed, to becoming very dependant on me and his soother. Daytime sleep was not much better. He was the king of the 45 minute nap. It was highly frustrating to say the least, I feel like he has been overtired his whole life. And along came Maggie! With her help, Luke is now sleeping on average 11 hours at night - with very little to no night wakings, and no night feedings! His naps have significantly improved, but he is still learning.

My husband and I now feel that once bedtime is complete, we can enjoy the rest of our evening, and not be stressed about when he is going to wake up. I'm not going to lie, I was extremely anxious about how our first night was going to go, and Maggie was super supportive and understanding. To our surprise, our little guy did pretty amazing for his fist night! We were shocked at how quickly he adjusted to the program.

If you are on the fence about sleep training, just do it. Do it for your little one, do it for yourself! You will all be thankful. Luke has always been a happy baby, but I have never seen him THIS happy! Not to mention my husband and I are getting the sleep that we need to keep up with him. Thank you Maggie for your help and continued support!

Elizabeth S, Calgary AB

I started out as a sceptic of sleep coaches, but after participating in a Sleep Sense program, I am all in!

My wife was obsessed with our daughter’s sleep habits from nearly day one. She wanted her to sleep through the night right away, but knowing that that wasn’t realistic, we did our best to get our daughter into a routine and do whatever we had to do to get her to sleep.  For nap time, this often meant sleeping in our arms since she didn’t like her crib very much and we hated to hear her cry when we tried to put her down in it.  At bedtime, and during the night, we would rotate between feeding her and giving her the soother back.


After a couple of weeks of getting up at least 4 times during the night (3 of which just to give her the soother back), we decided it was time to try something. I knew other families that had success with their own methods, but I also knew a lot of families that couldn't get their kid to sleep through the night until they were much older!  Although I was sceptical about hiring a sleep consultant, I wanted a regimented routine that we could follow (as opposed to guessing whether we were doing the "right thing"). I was really impressed with the success stories of a sleep consultant, and I was hopeful that we too could welcome sleep back into our household.


A week later, we started the sleep sense program and I am SO glad we did. Our daughter took a nap in her crib without protest on day 1 and slept through the night on night 2!!  She took to the routine so well that, almost a year later, we can happily report she continues to sleep through the night and take regular, fairly predictable naps during the day, all with minimal protest. We went cold turkey on the soother as well and she hasn’t used it since we started the program! I don't even think she remembers what it was, because she just chews on it if we ever give it to her.  We follow the routine just about every night, whether we are home or traveling and it works. Of course, we’ve had a few hiccups with sickness and teething, but that’s to be expected.  We can enjoy our time with her during the day so much more now and we all wake up happy and well rested in the morning. Now, as Maggie begins her career as a sleep consultant, I am "all in" and want to help other families in the same way that we were helped.

Kevin Chernenkoff, Calgary AB

We are excited to add your success story to Tiny Snoozers

As Tiny Snoozers begins it's journey to helping families reclaim sleep, I am still waiting for reviews from my first clients to roll in.  In the meantime, check out the hundreds of success stories from the founder of Sleep Sense Here.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to Contact Me for a free 15 minute consultation where we can review yoru family's needs and see if Tiny Snoozers is right for you!  Once you have experienced how life changing a sleeping family is, we hope to add your success story to Tiny Snoozers!